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A Product of NextCapital Ltd.


You can simply contact us at +92-21-35292659-61 or our website or e-mail us at Our staff will guide you through the process.


We provide first hand market information, fast execution and settlement of transactions. In addition, we advice our clients regarding their portfolio construction and give them investment recommendations based on their investment objectives and risk appetite.


NEXT Capital has the history of providing impartial, sound, objective and research based investment advice to its clients. Since its formation, it has provided services to many satisfied institutions, high net-worth individuals and retail clients and has developed a good repute in a very small period. NEXT Advantage is always ready to run an extra mile for its clients and puts a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction.


Any individual or company who wants to take an exposure to the capital markets.


There is no minimum amount requirements. For more details please contact us at +92-21-35292659-61


Once you open an account and entitlement is obtained, you may place your orders in our online trading platform NEXT Advantage.


You need to have necessary funds in your account in order to cover the order. Otherwise, your order will not be fulfilled.


Depeneding on the settlement cycle. For further details contact us at +92-21-35292659-61