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About Next Advantage

NEXT Advantage’s  unique software specifically designed to cater the needs of its customers. Its main strength lies in the advanced functions and options and also the pricing of the product which are not currently provided by our competitors in the market which enables us to provide our customers an advantage of superior and faster services. Our trading platform will provide retail investors the access to information which is necessary for them to make a sound investment.


Online Trading

Online trading platform provides our customers the flexibility of trading whenever, wherever and in any stock they want to trade in saving them the hustle of calling their trader time and again to get updates on their positions. Apart from real-time trading facility, transactions history and account statements are also available to the NEXT Advantage customers. Due to the speed of technological development, the online trading is taking over the traditional method of placing orders with the traders which makes customers dependent on their trader for the execution of trades. Online trading platform, on the other hand, allows a client to trade at his/her own pace and exercise control over them.

Our Values